Dawlance DW-255 ES – Fully Automatic Washing Machine


Dawlance ES series is an intelligent choice for better washing with some generous energy saving. It cuts down on the running costs by 38% and washes your clothes in the best way possible.

  • Energy SaverSpecial Program: Saves Up To 38% Energy
    Suitable For Medium Soiled Daily Laundry
  • Pro Fabric DrumGives Soft Rubbing For Stains
    Makes Clothes Last Longer
  • Triple WaterfallThree Waterfalls Inside The Tub
    Helps Detergent Penetrate Deeper Into The Fabric
    Dissolves Detergent Completely
    Complete Stain Removal
  • Extreme Plus Air DryerGives Superior Drying In 90 Minutes
    Choose Your Additional Drying Time Ranging From 10 To 90 Minutes
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